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What do we do?

Netsafe IT assists small business owners in protecting their digital assets and confidential information. Netsafe IT can provide tailored solutions and recommendations to ensure the business is secured against potential cyber threats. This can include implementing firewalls, password protection, and regularly updating software to minimize the risk of attacks. By working with Netsafe IT, small business owners can have peace of mind knowing their business is protected, allowing them to focus on running their operations effectively.

Your people are your most valuable asset and biggest cyber target, so train them to be cyber smart.
We provide personalised in-person training, and a low cost cyber awareness online training with progress tracking and management reporting for everyone in your business.
Use the right technology to become a hard cyber target.
We can implement usable and effective technology - such as: an enterprise firewall, business class Wi-Fi with multiple isolated networks, segmented networking, system monitoring etc.
Select and harden your business processes against all cyber threats, adopting best practices to reduce risks.
We review your business process to identify those at risk of abuse, and adjust to provide protection where it is needed.
Cyber Essentials and NCSC 10-steps to cyber security.
We can get you ready for Cyber Essentials accreditation, with practical advice and pragmatic methods. We show you how to apply the National Cyber Security Centre advice and achieve a better cyber security 'posture', taking the cyber risks out of your business.
Every 19 seconds

A UK SME is successfully hacked every 19 seconds

Organisations large and small are finding themselves the victims of data breaches, either through malicious attack or employee error. It has been reported that an SME is successfully hacked every 19 seconds and there are more than 60,000 hacking attempts per day in the UK alone.
British Assessment Bureau

Phishing target

Phishing – any small business is a target

Almost all (97%) of ‘State of Email Security 2023’ survey respondents have been the target of a phishing attack, and the majority (59%) are experiencing more than in prior years.
Mimecast State of Email Security 2023

Phishing threat

Phishing is the greatest threat to cybersecurity among organizations of all sizes

Estimates of 255 million phishing attempts in 2022, a 61% jump over the prior year. Worse yet, more than 70% of these emails were opened by the recipient
Mimecast State of Email Security


A significant threat to any business

A 13% rise in ransomware in 2022 is an increase as big as the past five years combined
Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2022


84 minutes

84 minutes is the average time an attacker now takes (91 minutes in the year previous) to move laterally from an initial access to another computer within the victim environment.
Crowdstrike 2023 Global Threat Report

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